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The Blast Vichy Shower – A “Contrast Hydrotherapy” experience

Price: $9,995.00


The Blast Vichy Shower is the most unique vichy shower in the world. First, there is a “cold-plunge” valve built right into the system. This feature allows the technician to perform “contrast-hydrotherapy” to their spa guest with a simple operation of the cold-plunge lever. Second, the 7 headed rain bar is equipped with the latest in “water conservation” technology that uses 40% less water than other vichy showers. Each showerhead is individually controlled with its own volume control valve allowing the technician to adjust the water flow from each showerhead from full on to full off and all pressures in between. Third, the Scots Hose feature offers the spa technician and the spa guest a truly unique water feature not found on any other vichy shower in the world. Finally, the exposed plumbing design is a tribute to the original Vichy Shower designs from over 100 years ago while at the same time offering a modern look.

Historic Vichy Shower

Contrast hydrotherapy is a technique beneficial for enhancing the immune system. It consists of alternating between hot and cold water temperatures in order to alter blood flow. The hot water causes blood vessels to dilate thereby shunting the blood to the surface, and cold water causes blood vessels to constrict, causing the blood to go deeper into organs. By alternating between hot and cold, a very energizing sensation results. Contrast showers have been shown to boost the immune system to help prevent and fight off common illnesses like colds and flu. The spa technician will alternate between hot and cold water in typically three cycles.

  • Inspired by the original vichy showers from 100 years ago offering a vintage look with a modern feel.
  • A full 88" 7 Headed Shower Arm for total coverage
  • "Contrast Therapy" capability built into the system
  • Scots Hose for a truly unique experience
  • Waterwerks signature showerheads that utlize 40% less water requirement than other vichy showers
  • 5 Year warranty
Weight: 79 lbs
Size: 32x24x17
Weight: 77 lbs
Size: 90x17x6
Shower Arm NMFC: 51200
Control Panel/Box NMFC: 52175
  • Replacement Shower Arm : $2,895.00
  • Replacement Shower Arm Hose : $ 229.95
  • Scots Hose : $ 299.95
  • Scots Hose Nozzle : $ 299.95
  • Mixing Valve : $2,595.00
  • Mixing Valve Cartridge : $2,195.00
  • Mixing Valve O’Ring and Gasket Kit : $ 19.95
  • Hand Held Shower Head : $ 49.95
  • Hand Held Shower Hose : $ 89.95
  • Replacement Shower Head : $ 89.95
  • Shower Head Shut Off Valve : $ 42.95
  • Thermometer : $ 179.95
The Blast Vichy Shower – A “Contrast Hydrotherapy” experience

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