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The Typhoon
Vichy Shower

Price: $7,495.00
w/Scots Hose:  $8,495.00

5 Year Warranty

More Warranty Information

The Typhoon Vichy Shower offers both a very soothing and relaxing water experience or a very invigorating water experience and all levels in between. The large capacity mixing valve allows for a generous amount of adjustment in the volume of water.

Lying on a waterproof table, the Typhoon’s seven shower heads flow at a rate of 5.0 to 10.5 gallons per minute, providing a very adjustable therapeutic water massage. The built in hand shower makes thorough rinsing of spa products from the guest easy and convenient.

The design of the Typhoon allows the technician to swivel the shower arm out of the way or may choose to use it to enhance the experience for the Vichy guest. With features such as seven self-cleaning shower heads with individual volume controls, the most accurate high capacity thermostatic mixing valve available, and durable stainless steel construction, the Typhoon will provide years of trouble free service.

  • Features seven fail-proof, self-cleaning shower heads.
  • Utilizes the most accurate high capacity thermostatic mixing valve available.
  • All surfaces are high quality stainless steel or chrome.
  • Built-in hand shower for augmenting treatments and easy clean up.
  • Individual Volume controls on each shower head turn completely off. No dripping.
  • Proudly crafted in the U.S.A.
Weight:  88 lbs
Size:  32x24x17
Crating & Handling:  $175.00
Weight:  42 lbs
Size:  85x24x6
Shower Arm NMFC:  51200
Control Panel/Box NMFC:  52175

More Shipping Information

  • Stainless Shower Arm : $1,200.00
  • Arm Supply Hose 6' : $ 249.00
  • 1" x 15" Scots Hose : $ 299.00
  • 1" Scots Hose Nozzle : $ 299.00
  • Stainless Hook : $ 225.00
  • Mixing Valve : $1,995.00
  • Mixing Valve Cartridge : $1,700.00
  • Cabinet Latch : $ 79.00
  • Thermometer : $ 129.00
  • Shower Head : $ 89.95
  • Hand-held Shower Hose : $ 89.95
  • Hand-held Shower Head : $ 49.95
The Typhoon<br>Vichy Shower

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