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The Torrent
Vichy Shower

Price: $8,495.00

The Torrent Vichy Shower System is one of the original vichy showers introduced in the United States back in 1992. If you are looking for a very invigorating water experience then look no further than the Torrent.

The attached high pressure Scots Hose allows you to give an invigorating tissue massage with adjustments in intensity.

A variety of treatments are possible with the Torrent system including hydrotherapy, body polishing, body wraps, circulation massage, pressure point massage and skin toning.

The Torrent is typically only selected by the very high end destination spas, resort spas and day spas. Many private home owners have chosen the Torrent for their home spa and we typically custom build it to suit their needs.

The Torrent is the only shower of its kind that allows the therapist to walk all the way around the table. Our system offers the most accurate temperature control, seven adjustable shower heads and the simplest operation.

Weight: 79 lbs
Size: 32x24x17
Weight: 47 lbs
Size: 95x4x8
Shower Arm NMFC: 51200
Control Panel/Box NMFC: 52175
VaVoom NMFC: 51200
The Torrent<br>Vichy Shower

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