Solar Bronzing

Solar Bronzing

This is an excellent all-over, intense body exfoliation.  Sea salt removes dry skin and cleanses pores, leaving skin feeling clean and soft.



FACILITY:  Wet or dry room, treatment or massage table, hand-held shower, clothing hooks, counter space, candles/soft light, and soft music.           

ROOM SET UP:  Drape the table with a sheet, shower curtain and bath towel. Set two breast towels aside and have two large buckets of warm water available for rinsing.   

PRODUCTS & SUPPLIES:  Two ounces of sea softening scrub, ocean lotion spray, spray bottle containing warm water, spa loofah mittens, two sea sponges, disposable panties, and shower cap.         

PRODUCT PREPARATION: Warm the products if possible.            

Treatment Procedures for Solar Bronzing

  1. Bring your guest into the room and explain the treatment.  Before leaving the room, direct her/him to slip on disposable panties and to lay face up under the bath towel but on top of the shower curtain.  Knock before re-entering the room.
  2. Place a towel over the breasts of women guests.  Ask whether your guest would like to wear a shower cap.  If a shower cap is not available, use a towel to protect the guest’s hair if desired.
  3. Begin with a relaxation exercise such as 20 seconds of deep breathing.
  4. Give a five-minute face cleanse, then rinse.
  5. Remove the bath towel.  Spray the front of the body with warm water, then apply a small amount of sea softening scrub to the palms of your hands.  Using circular motions, apply the scrub to the entire body – arms, legs, décolleté, stomach, chest  and back, including the underside of their arms and legs; turn your guest from side to side to scrub their back.  While applying, avoid nipples, genital areas, cuts, abrasions, open sores, dry skin and freshly shaven or waxed areas.
  6. Using the spa loofah mittens, scrub all the areas a second time to complete the exfoliation process   Ask your guest to tell you whether the pressure you are using is comfortable
  7. Rinse your client off thoroughly using the hand-held shower.
  8. Repeat steps 5 through 5 using soft algae scrub.
  9. Dry your guest with a bath towels and apply self-tanning lotion to their entire body, and if desired, their face.
  10. Let your guest relax on the table for 5 minutes while the self-tanner absorbs into their skin.
  11. After assisting your guest into a robe and off the table, escort her/him to a rest area and offer plenty of spring water or herbal tea.
  12. Encourage your guest to rest for at least 20 minutes after the treatment.
  13. Make product recommendations and book your guest’s next appointment.

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