Body Smoother

Body Smoother

An incredibly soothing and relaxing treatment designed specifically to provide an intense soothing body mask to cool sunburned or sensitive skin.  Great summer treatment.



FACILITY:  Wet room, waterproof treatment table, Vichy shower, chair, clothing hooks, counter space, candles/soft light, and soft music.     

ROOM SET UP:  Drape the table with a bath towel.          

PRODUCTS & SUPPLIES: Natural essence cleanse, aloe vera mist,  calming oil, soothing oil, soothing mud mask, firming cream, body milk lotion or healing cream, two large bath towels, breast towel, cool, wet towel, disposable panties, and shower cap.            

PRODUCT PREPARATION:  Mix 20 drops of calming oil with soothing mud mask..               

Treatment Procedures for Body Smoother

  1. Direct  your guest to the shower and have them towel dry prior to the treatment.
  2. Bring your guest into the room and explain the treatment.  Before leaving the room, direct her/him to slip on disposable panties and to lay face up under the bath towel.  Knock before re-entering the room.
  3. Place a small towel over the breasts of women guests.  Ask whether your guest would like to wear a shower cap.  If a shower cap is not available, use a towel to protect the guest’s hair if desired.
  4. Begin with a relaxation exercise such as 20 seconds of deep breathing.
  5. Remove the bath towel and lightly cleanse all sensitive areas of the body with a sensitive cleansing lotion.  Rinse the cleanser off with a cool towel or sea sponge.
  6. Applying the soothing wrap mixture to front of your guest’s body, turning your guest from side to side to apply to the backs of their of the legs and arms avoiding nipples and genital areas.
  7. Cover your guest with a bath towel, offer your guest a choice of a 10-minute facial massage with firming cream, or a 10-minute head, neck and shoulder massage.
  8. Massage their feet with firming cream for 10 minutes and then wash your hands.
  9. Replace the breast towel of your women guests and remove the bath towel.
  10. Turn on the Vichy shower, testing the water temperature on the inside of the guest’s forearm.  The water should be between 101° and 104°.  Cover your guest’s face with a towel and run the shower for 5 minutes on the front of their body.
  11. Turn off the Vichy shower and instruct the guest to turn over and rinse their backside for 5 minutes. 
  12. Apply soothing oils to sunburned areas of the body.
  13. Apply a mixture of healing cream and body lotion to their entire body.
  14. Assist your guest into a robe and slippers and help them off of the table.
  15. Escort her/him to a rest area and offer plenty of spring water or herbal tea. Encourage your guest to rest for at least 20 minutes after the treatment. 
  16. Make a product recommendation and book your guest’s next appointment.

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