Hydro-Tub Treatment

Hydro-Tub Treatment

Multiple underwater jets work to massage sore, tired muscles.  Includes a hand, foot and should massage.



FACILITY:  Hydrotherapy tub with air and water jets, and a high pressure hose, chair, small table next to tub, clothing hooks, counter space, candles/soft light, and soft music.             

ROOM SET UP: Have bath towels, waterproof pillow, cool compress, plastic glass of lemon water with straw, facial toner or water spray bottle available next to the tub..   

PRODUCTS & SUPPLIES: Disinfectant, squeegee, dri-dek or floor mats, shower cap, extra hand and bath towel, sea bath power, stimulating marine bath, relaxing marine bath, shower gel, algae concentrate and  massage oil.      

PRODUCT PREPARATION: Fill the tub three-quarters full with 100 ° to 101º F water, add 1 tablespoon liquid algae, stimulating or relaxing bath gel; turn the jets on to mix the products.  The compress should be cool.       


  1. If you see water clogging or kicking back into the tub while it is draining – the water is simply draining faster that the drain allows.
  2. Never run the water pump without water in the tub.  When filling or draining the tub, turn off the water pump when there is at least 2 inches of water in the tub.  Air jets can be on with or without water in the tub.
  3. Only use two to three ounces of any product in the tub. Too much product could clog the jets.
  4. When using the manual jet, use your hand and fingers to guide it along the guest’s body.  Never let the hose get out of control or out of the water.

Treatment Procedures for Hydro-Tub Treatment

  1. Bring your guest into the room and explain the treatment.  Before leaving the room, direct her/him to undress and put on a robe.  Knock before re-entering the room.
  2. Ask whether your guest would like to wear a shower cap.  If a shower cap is not available, use a towel to protect the guest’s hair if desired.
  3. Assist the guest into the tub, have them check the water temperature.  Shield them with a towel for privacy as they enter the tub.
  4. Turn on and direct the water jets to your guest’s areas of concern or soreness.  Allow your guest to relax while you perform a 20 second relaxation exercise such as deep breathing.
  5. Massage their hands and feet for 5 minutes each.
  6. With the air jets on, use the manual massage wand to perform a circular-motion underwater massage.  Using less pressure on their legs and arms, work the entire body for 10-minutes.
  7. Turn off the water jets, keeping the air jets on.  As your guest soaks, massage the shoulders, neck and scalp for two minutes.  Place a cool compress on their forehead, mist their face and offer them the lemon water.
  8. Turn off the air jets and assist your guest out of the tub and into a towel while shielding them with a towel.
  9. Assist your guest to a rest area and offer plenty of spring water or herbal tea.  Encourage your guest to rest for at least 20 minutes after the treatment.
  10. The guest’s body is now in perfect condition for a massage.
  11. Make product recommendations and book your guest’s next appointment.

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