Ultimate Vichy Shower Treatment

Ultimate Vichy Shower Treatment

This hydrotherapy treatment cleanses the skin, exfoliates the skin to leave it smooth and soft, adds minerals and nutrients to the skin, and provides relaxation for the entire body.



FACILITY:  Waterproof treatment table, Vichy Shower System, Scots hose, hand-held shower clothing hooks, counter space, candles/soft light, and soft music.            

ROOM SET UP:  Drape the table with a sheet and bath towel, Have the Vichy shower are moved away from the table.   


Four bath towels, four hand towels, two sheets, disinfectant, squeegee, dri-dek or floor mats, spa loofah mittens, disposable panties, shower cap, waterproof slippers, soft algae scrub, body milk lotion shower, and relaxing massage oil.      

PRODUCT PREPARATION:  Warm the mixture if possible.             

NOTE: The Scots hose treatment may be done with your guest either against the wall or on the table.  Assist your client to the (XXX facing?) wall if they will be standing, if on the table, instruct them to remain on their stomach.               

Treatment Procedures for Ultimate Vichy Shower Treatment

  1. Bring your guest into the room and explain the treatment.  Before leaving the room, direct her/him to slip on disposable panties and to lay face up under the bath towel.  Knock before re-entering the room.
  2. Ask whether your guest would like to wear a shower cap. 
  3. Begin with a relaxation exercise such as 20 seconds of deep breathing.
  4. Massage their face for two minutes.  Place a towel over the breasts of women guest’s and remove the bath towel.
  5. Apply warm massage oil to their entire front side, beginning with their feet and moving up the legs, stomach and chest.
  6. On top of the oil, beginning with their feet, rub in soft algae scrub using warm wet spa loofah
  7. Before rinsing off your guest with a hand-held, check the water temperature, and ask you guest if the temperature is comfortable.
  8. Instruct your guest to turn over while you shield them with the bath towel and repeat steps 5 through 7.
  9. Leave your guest face down, on the table, or assist them to stand facing the wall.  Set the water temperature of the Scots hose to 101° F, then lightly mist your guest’s body to see whether the temperature in comfortable. 
  10. Move the hose to the lowest setting and bring up the pressure that is comfortable for them.  If standing check the pressure against the back of the ankle; if on the treatment table use less pressure that if standing.
  11. Massage your guest’s back and with the water hose using a circular motion from 5 to 7 minutes focusing especially on the upper back and base of the neck.  Be careful when massaging the lower back and the back of their thighs.
  12. If standing, escort your guest back to the table and have them lay face down.  Cover your guest with a bath towel and prepare the Vichy shower.  Turing the showerheads away from your guest, turn on the Vichy valve and showerheads.  Test the water temperature, it should be between 101° and 104°
  13. Remove the towel and aim the showerheads along your guest’s spine and legs. Start the shower, check making sure the temperature is comfortable, run the water 5 to 7 minutes while performing pressure-point massage.
  14. Run cool water over the body while the shower is running with a hand-held or pitcher of cool water.  Turn off the Vichy valve, cover your guest with a bath towel and turn off the showerheads.
  15. Apply body milk lotion to the entire body.
  16. Assist your guest into a robe and slippers and help them off the table.

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