Rejuvenating Sea Soak

Rejuvenating Sea Soak

This is an excellent way to re-mineralize and rejuvenate your entire body. We will cover your body with warm sea mud and soak you in a powerhouse of minerals.  Your body is sure to get a boost!           

BOOKING TIME: 1 Hour 15 Minutes


FACILITY:  Treatment or massage table, hydrotherapy tub, table, clothing hooks, counter space, candles/soft light, and soft music.

ROOM SET UP:  Drape the table with a blanket, sheet, two horizontally placed towels, spa foil, and bath towel. Have waterproof pillow, cooling eye pack, plastic glass of lemon water with straw, facial toner or water spray bottle available next to the tub.            

PRODUCTS & SUPPLIES: Disinfectant, squeegee, dri-dek or floor mats, body brush, disposable panties, shower cap, and extra hand and bath towels, sea bath powder, shower gel, sea silk lotion, and seaweed body mud,               

PRODUCT PREPARATION:  Fill the tub three-quarters full with 105º F water; the water will cool by the time you finish the wrap. Warm the wrap product and the eye pack should be cool.     

Treatment Procedures for Rejuvenation Sea Soak

  1. Bring your guest into the room and explain the treatment. Before leaving the room, direct her/him to slip on disposable panties and to lay face up under the bath towel but on top of the spa foil.  Knock before re-entering the room.
  2. Place a small towel over the breasts of women guests.
  3. Ask whether your guest would like to wear a shower cap. If a shower cap is not available, use a towel to protect the guest’s hair if desired.
  4. Begin with a relaxation exercise such as 20 seconds of deep breathing.
  5. Remove the towel and scrub the body with the body brush. When scrubbing the back of the legs and back, turn the guest from side to side without turning them over fully. When scrubbing avoid nipples and genital areas.
  6. With the guest turned to one side or the other as necessary, apply a seaweed mud wrap to the back, legs, arms, stomach, chest, and shoulders. Note: The entire exfoliation and mud application should take 15 minutes. The guest should remain facing up.
  7. While removing the bath towel, wrap the guest in the foil, towels, sheet, and blanket; leaving their neck and head out and their feet tucked in loosely.
  8. Massage your guest’s face and feet, 10 minutes each.
  9. Test the comfort level of the water temperature in the tub, then add a drop of shower gel and one teaspoon of seaweed power; 101º to 104º F is ideal.
  10. Slowly open up the wrap, leaving the foil lightly wrapped and escort your guest to the hydro tub.
  11. Allow your guest to test the water temperature. Assist your guest into the tub, the turn on the jets and apply the eye pack.
  12. After assisting your guest out of the tub and onto the massage table, cover her/him with a bath towel and pat dry.
  13. Apply firming cream and massage the feet for 10-minutes, making certain you wash your hands afterwards.
  14. Apply a light coating of sea silk lotion on the front of their body, and instruct your guest to turn over while you shield them with the towel, and finish with a back massage.
  15. After assisting your guest in getting up slowly, put on a robe and getting off the table, escort her/him to a rest area and offer plenty of spring water or herbal tea.
  16. Encourage your guest to rest for at least 20 minutes after the treatment.
  17. If desired, your guest is in perfect condition for a massage.
  18. Make a product recommendation and book your guest’s next appointment.

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