The VaVoom is unique in many ways. First, each one is hand crafted and no two are exactly the same. We designed and built our own steel fabrication facility in order to design and build the VaVoom. Second, the VaVoom is designed to be able to replace any vichy anywhere in the worls with little to no construction. Lastly, the VaVoom is the only vichy shower available in multiple colors.

The VaVoom was designed with input from spa consultants, spa directors, spa therapists, architects, building contractors, plumbers and even equipment sales people. We found one constant theme in nearly everyone we spoke to. We all wanted a BEAUTIFUL shower that would offer a NEW EXPERIENCE for the spa clientele. 


Color Options - Click images to magnify
White with White Frame
White with Beige Frame
White with Black Frame
Beige with White Frame
Beige with Beige Frame
Beige with Black Frame
Moss with White Frame
Moss with Beige Frame
Moss with Black Frame


Spritzer 8 Head: $5,295.00
Shipping Weights & Dims

Weight:   250lbs
Size:   89x26x24
Class:   110
Crating & Handling:   $175
Typical Layout


Additional Information:

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